2014 Siding Guide: St. Louis, MO

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2014 Siding Guide: St. Louis, MO

Siding can be a beautiful and cost effective part of any home. There are several materials to choose from so we’d like to offer some tips on different types of siding and how to choose what is best for your St. Louis-area home.

Vinyl Siding for St. Louis Homes

Vinyl siding is made from PVC and has been around since the early 1960’s. According to the 2010 census, it was the most used siding in new, single family homes. There have been many improvements in the manufacturing of vinyl siding over the last decade. Advanced engineering and design have been able to create vinyl siding that can mimic the look of almost any type of architectural accent, including slate, stone, wood, and come in almost any color.

Vinyl siding now has improved strength and weather resistance. It has the added advantages of being durable, widely available, and being the least expensive siding option. Cleaning and maintenance are also very easy with just soap and water.

Insulated Siding in St. Louis

Insulated siding is a premium vinyl product that has the benefit of added efficiency for homes in the St. Louis area. The insulation is made to fit the siding perfectly and the two elements are glued together. Another type of insulated siding has a backing that is similar, but the backing and siding are not bonded together. The most common insulation used in insulated siding is expanded polystyrene (EPS). Insulated siding helps create a barrier to prevent heat loss, or gain, at the places where the studs contact the outer wall of the home.It can also aid in noise reduction and is easy to clean with soap and water.

Fiber Cement Siding for St. Louis Homes

Fiber cement siding is comprised of wood fibers mixed with sand and cement. It is much thicker than vinyl and has the ability to withstand harsh weather such as hail or strong winds. Fiber cement siding can be painted allowing homeowners in the St. Louis area to change their design without having to replace the siding itself.

Fiber Cement Siding is a very stable material and does not expand and contract like traditional wood siding. This stability provides the benefit of paint lasting longer on the surface, and that means it does not require refreshing as often. It is not susceptible to termites, it is highly weather resistant, incombustible, and has many options of color and texture to choose from.

Engineered Wood Siding in St. Louis

Engineered wood siding is made by combining wood by-products (like saw dust and wood shavings) with bonding agents. This material has several of the aesthetic features of real wood siding, but is stronger and can be factory painted. Engineered wood siding is also lighter weight for easy installation.

Factory painting gives the material a much longer life expectancy than natural wood. The manufacturer has a rainbow of colors to choose from and they can even do custom colors. Even though it requires less maintenance than traditional wood siding, engineered wood siding will still require painting every five to ten years to maintain its integrity.

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