During the 19th century, cedar shake roofs were among the primary roofing materials for many buildings in North America. Often confused with shingles, a “shake” is a thicker, wider, and less uniform material that is split from several types of cedar trees. This creates a rougher, more textured appearance. Though they have largely been replaced by other, more modern roofing materials, Cedar Shake is still a stylish and naturally durable option that can give your home’s exterior a rustic, designer look.

Things to consider:


Shake roofs are ideal for homes in a dry climate. If you live in a region that experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year, extreme care must be taken to prevent premature deterioration from the buildup of excessive moisture. Left unattended, this can lead to algae growth, rotting, leaks, or a combination of the three.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a shake roof depends entirely upon the level of care it receives. Properly installed and maintained in a conducive climate, cedar shake has the ability to last decades.

Cedar Shakes can be tricky. However, with professional installation and the right amount of care, a cedar shake roof is a wonderful and unique option for your home’s exterior.

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