Routine and regular inspections are a great way to ensure your home is protected from the fallout of a damaged roof. The average homeowner can spot an obvious problem like a hole or missing shingle, but in most cases a roof can look perfectly normal and still have major issues. A seasoned roofer can identify and diagnose even the smallest issue that your roof could be experiencing.

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When to Schedule An Inspection?

Inclimate weather like a heavy rain or snow, high winds, and hail is the primary reason most homeowners schedule a roof inspection, but that isn’t the only time a roofing inspection is needed or recommended.

Depending on the type of roof your home has, a long list of things outside of inclimate weather can cause issues to arise. Extreme high or low temperatures can cause certain materials to warp, crack, or curl. Moisture accumulation can lead to mold and mildew growth. Seals can break from daily wear and tear, causing leaks and water damage within your home. Sticks, twigs, and other debris can encourage moss and algae growth.

The list goes on… If your roof is 10+ years old, seasonal inspections should be conducted to ensure your roof is functioning properly. Our inspections are designed around accuracy, analysis and documentation. When we find issues, we can work through your repair, replacement, or insurance claim efficiently and effectively to ensure maximum benefits from every dollar you spend.

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What To Expect

Not only do we have the expertise to accurately identify problems with your roof, our innovative process incorporates innovative technology like drones and AI to streamline your inspection for accurate reports that can be directly shared with your insurance company.

Analysis & Repair Estimate

Using the latest in inspection software, we conduct aerial inspections with the help of state-of-the-art drones – giving you an accurate estimate in as little as 5 minutes. This includes an examination of your chimney, vents, gutters, and other fixtures for signs of damage.

Interior Inspection

In the event you have interior damages our inspector will document those damages in order to achieve compensation from your insurance company

Exterior Inspection

After inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed and accurate roofing analysis. This report is streamlined to provide you with information about your roof. It will include the current condition of your roof and if it needs repair, maintenance or replacement. Our report can be sent directly your insurance company for your claim.

Insurance Claims

If an inspection reveals evidence of damage, our on-staff public insurance adjuster can help you get the most for your insurance claim with a 90% approval rating - even if you have previously been denied! Get your home back to like-new condition today.

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